The DISCO conference took place in June 2022 in Prague this year. The event focused on strengthening digital and entrepreneurial competences through e-learning.

You can still register until the 15th of August.

The aim of the cooperation is to jointly provide modern employment, human resource development, public education, adult education and vocational training services.

 He received his appointment from Katalin Novák on 5 July 2022 at the Sándor Palace.

The Sports and Events Hall of the University of Dunaújváros was once again full on Friday, 24 June 2022. 165 students received their diplomas and final certificates at the graduation ceremony of the University of Dunaújváros.

The focus of the Programme is to promote an innovation mindset and stimulate interest in innovation. HSUP introduces the structure and functioning of the innovation and start-up ecosystem to the young generation and offers them the opportunity to get involved.