In case of positive admission decision, UOD’s International Relations Office is going to provide you with the Application Acceptance document that verifies that you are eligible, and contains information about the admission related fees to be paid and the bank account information.




Application Acceptance Letter is an important document of the application procedure containing your special identification code as well, called Neptun code. This code is necessary to indicate in the comment section when you transfer the indicated amount to our university.


Bank Information

The University of Dunaújváros is a state financed university therefore it keeps its bank account with the Hungarian National Treasury and it’s correspondent bank, the Hungarian National Bank.


Our Bank details:

  • Beneficiary’s name: Dunaújvárosi Egyetem
  • Bank IBAN account number: HU26 1030 0002 1326 1517 0002 4886
  • Statement: Registration fee + your DreamApply Applicant ID + Your name

In the heading called „Information” or "statement" please state the following Registration fee + your DreamApply Applicant ID and your name! (For example: Registration fee ID260 JANE DOE)