How to change institution/major and/or language of your studies?

How to request the extension of your scholarship period?

Information on completing the Hungarian Language and Culture course

Minimum credit requirement

Habitual residence in Hungary


   How to change institution/major and/or language of your studies?   

According to the Operational Regulations of the Stipendium Hungaricum Program the host institution, the majors within the institution and the language of studies can be changed only once after submitting a special student request. The deadline of submitting the requests to Tempus Public Foundation is 1st December (for the spring semester) and 15th May (for the fall semester) in every school year. The scholarship holder may change all of them at the same time (in any kind of combination) but only once during his/her scholarship period.

Institutions, majors and languages can be changed only within one year after beginning the studies covered by the scholarship. The request – if it is relevant – must also include the extension of the studies with the scholarship.

Institutions, majors and languages can be changed only at the end of the semester, so that the scholarship holder could start the next semester in the new institution. Changing host institution, major or language is allowed only on the same programme level.

The language of the study programme may be changed primarily from a foreign language to Hungarian. The teaching language can be changed only in exceptional cases from Hungarian to a foreign language, as fairness on individual basis with the approval of Tempus Public Foundation.

The following documents need to be submitted to the Tempus Foundation:

  • a request signed by the student,
  • a written approval by the host institution
  • a letter of acceptance by the future host institution,


Before making decision, TPF will forward the request to the Sending Partner to get their approval.

The student must send the request for changing institutions, majors or/and languages with the compulsory annexes to the SiH Unit online to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The request form can be download here.


   How to request the extension of your scholarship period?   

According to the Stipendium Hungaricum Operational Regulations the scholarship holder may extend their scholarship period by a total of two semesters in Hungarian bachelor’s, master’s and one-tier master’s programmes. Applications for the renewal of scholarship status must be submitted to their host institution.


The procedure is the following:

  • A request form printed and signed by the student must be submitted to their host institution and to the sending partner as well.
    • The request form can be dowloaded from here
    • The list of responsible authorities can be found here 
  • The institution collects the applications and sends the list of those who receive approval to the Tempus Public Foundation.
  • The Public Foundation requests the sending partner's consent to the extension. Failing this, the Public Foundation shall decide on the basis of a proposal from the institution and the available resources.
  • The deadline of submitting the extension request to the host institution is 25th November (for the spring semester) and 30th April (for the fall semester). The requests must be sent to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • In case your scholarship extension is not supported by our university, you will be informed by the International Relations Office.

Considering the information obtained from the university and the partner country, TPF will make the final decision on the scholarship extension request, and inform the student, the partner country and the University about the decision via email.

In case of positive decision, the International Relations Office will prepare a new Scholarship Agreement containing the extended shcolarship period.

Please note that students starting their scholarship period as from the academic year 2020-2021 (or later), are not entitled to receive living allowance and accomodation support for the extended semester(s).

Please, note that the final decision is made by the Tempus Foundation. Any extension without the approval of TPF may result in the withdrawal of the scholarship!


   Information on completing the Hungarian Language and Culture course   

The following rules apply for scholarship holders during the first academic year about the completion of the Hungarian language course:

  • The scholarship holder must prove that he / she has attended the two-semester Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture course and passed the exam by obtaining a final grade at the latest by 31 August of the actual academic year.
  • In case if this is not achieved, the scholarship holder will receive a reduced scholarship from the following academic year until the end of the scholarship period.
  • If a student who has not fulfilled his / her language learning obligation and therefore his / her scholarship has been reduced, enters a new level of education and where he/she receives a Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship, he / she can start his / her studies again with a full scholarship with the obligation to attend the two-semester Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture course.
  • If the scholarship holder does not fulfill his / her study and examination obligations concerning Hungarian as a Foreign Language and Culture course, his / her scholarship in the amount of 43,700 HUF will decrease from the second year as follows:
  • by missing to attend class visits: 0 HUF / month until the end of the scholarship (the maximum number of absences is regulated by the institutional TVSZ)
  • in addition to class visits, but in case of failing the exam, 30,000 HUF / month until the end of the scholarship

The reduction does not affect the scholarship holder's additional benefits (exemption from reimbursement of tuition costs, housing allowance, health insurance allowance, free library use).



   Minimum credit requirement   

The scholarship holder is, unless otherwise provided by the institutional regulation, require to fulfil the study, examination obligation and curriculum development by earning at least eighteen credits (i.e., earns a total of 36 credits) on the average of the last two semesters in which the student is not suspended (minimum credit requirement). This means that after completing two active semesters you must have at least 36 credits.


If during the academic year it is determined that the scholarship holder has not obtained the required number of credits, the institution shall terminate the scholarship status and inform the Public Foundation without delay.


The credit minimum requirement applies to those commencing their tertiary education studies in or after the 2018/2019 academic year.



   Habitual residence in Hungary   


The scholarship holder is required to stay habitually in Hungary during the training period as follows:


  • The scholarship holder's continuous private stay outside Hungary may not exceed 10 working days per training period.
  • In case the intended stay abroad for private purposes exceeds 10 working days but does not reach 30 days within a semester, it is the host institution’s responsibility to authorise the absence. In this case you must inform the International Relations Office before your travel and ask the permission of the institution.


The stay abroad for private purposes referred above shall not entail withdrawal of the support.

In case the scholarship holder stays abroad for more than 30 days no scholarship or housing allowance shall be granted from the date of the decision.