All students of the University of Dunaújváros are members of the local Students' Union (Hallgatói Önkormányzat – HÖK in Hungarian) on an individual right basis. It assures the enforcement of rights and legal representation of students. Sends elected representatives into the University Council, into its committees and into all such bodies the decisions of which affect the students of the University. The HÖK participates in the activity of admittance committees, in the management of tuition fee, study scholarship and assistance, as well as student hostel affairs, in the organization of scientific and professional student circles, and the publication of papers.


It is their responsibility to make proposals for the introduction of eligible subjects and seminars, for the invitation of external lecturers. The HÖK gives feedback about the activity of teachers, helps the operation of autonomous self-motivated activity circles, and fosters the domestic and international training, cultural and scientific training relations. They continuously inform the students about issues concerning the life at the university, about applications, scholarships and job opportunities, as well as organizes job markets cultural and sport activities yearly.