General information

How can I get the accomodation support to my bank account?

How to open a Hungarian Forint (HUF) account?



   General information   


As a Scholarship for student, you are entitled to receive the following benefits:


  • monthly living allowance (HUF 166.600 for BA/BSc and MA/MSc students),
  • Free dormitory placement
  • OR monthly accomodation support of HUF 40.000,
  • Hungarian National Medical Insurance (TAJ card)


You will only receive your scholarship if all of the criteria below are met:


  • You have „active” student status
  • You have received your residence permit at the Immigration Office
  • You habitually live in Hungary
  • You have signed the Scholarship Agreement
  • You have opened a Hungarian Forint (HUF) bank account
  • Your Letter of Award is valid (issued by Hungary Helps Agency)
  • You provided your bank account number


Please, note that due to technical and administration issues mentioned above we are not be able to transfer any scholarship and accommodation contribution in September. You will receive the September and October amounts in a single installment in October.

After that you get the scholarship at the beginning of each month, by the 15th of the given month.

Because of the delay in the first payment of your monthly benefits we recommend you to prepare additional funds to cover your expenses.



   How can I get the accomodation support to my bank account?   


All scholarship holders have the possibility to move out from the dormitory of the university. In case if you would like to live in an apartment you need to search for the possibilities, however you can ask the help of our student mentor as well (with translations if necessary).

  • You must inform the hostel management and the International Relations Office (IRO) about the exact date of your move in advance.
  • The university also requires a scanned copy of the signed Rent Agreement from you.


Based on the information mentioned above you will receive the accomodation support (40.000 HUF) to your bank account.

The deadline of informing the IRO and the dormitory about your move is the 30th of each months. Failing to this you can get the contribution only from the next month as earliest.


Please note that you get 40.000,-HUF accommodation contribution if you don’t stay in any of the university’s student hostel. Please note that this amount is a contribution only, as renting a place costs more.



   How to open a Hungarian Forint (HUF) account?   

You have to have a Hungarian HUF account in any bank in Hungary in order to get any kind of payment eg. scholarship, accommodation money etc. from the university.


Visit the HUNGARIAN BANK ACCOUNT menu point to see the required documents and a list of all banks to be found in Dunaújváros.


Please send your bank account number to your SCYP coordinator who will register it in Neptun. Please, note that the scholarship transfer is not possible if your bank account is not registered in Neptun.