Mezen Cheikh Rouhou is our Alumni student from Tunisia. He graduated from UOD in Computer Science Engineering BSc in 2024.

After his graduation Mezen decided to follow finance for his professional journey, and he works as an Accounts Payable Professional at IBM Budapest. He is working in an international environment daily gaining experience in a new field for him.

UOD’s international alumni officers invited him to tell us about the time since finishing his studies at our university.


How did you decide on choosing the University of Dunaujvaros and the study program?

 I was really excited about Computer Science engineering, and the information provided by the university in Stipendium Hungaricum website convinced me that Dunaujvaros is the right place for me.


What things did you learn at UOD that were most helpful to you?

Of course IT related things, and also  about being open. I guess the university journey helps a lot in your future interactions with people in an international environment. As it puts you in a place where you interact with different cultures and people, you become more diverse and open to learn new things.


What is the relationship like between the student and the professor?

 The relationship is pretty nice, the professors are trying their best to make us comfortable and get the best out of the students.


What do you think of the campus of the university?

 The campus is the heart of the city. Dunaujvaros isn’t that big of a city and maybe the campus is the biggest thing in the center, and that ‘s what is good about it, there is always enough space for new students!


What do you think of the extracurricular activities such as programs, events, excursions at UODThe international office and study office lately were doing their best to have excursions for the students whenever they have some free time. These programs are really good to take you out of the stress of exams and even learn about Hungarian culture sometimes.


How well did UOD prepare you to enter the workplace?

Well workplaces are different from one to another, at UOD we were treated equally and we were taught to handle stress. And those are key points to handle corporate life.


What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering to apply to UOD?

I would advise them to look closely into the different majors, departments and to choose what they are really like. Because doing something you love, especially at UOD will be an unforgettable journey.



Yousef Shbanah is our Alumni student from Syria. He graduated  in Comminication and Media Science BA in 2023.   After graduation, his academic success gave him a strong base for his career, where he has quickly become an expert in writing for design and advertising as a freelancer.

UOD’s international alumni officers invited him to tell us about the time since finishing his studies at our university.


How did you decide on choosing the University of Dunaújváros and the study program?

Through my online research on a university where I could realize my dreams, I found that there is no better place than University of Dunaújváros.


What things did you learn at UOD that were most helpful to you?

I've become confident in media speaking, managing different aspects of organized work, and graphic design.


What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?

There is mutual respect within an atmosphere of kindness and friendship.


What do you think of the campus of the university?

The campus is lovely and easy to commute to.


What do you think of the extracurricular activities (programs, events, excursions) at UOD?

All of the UOD activities were engaging, they provide a variety of activities every semester.


How well did UOD prepare you to enter the workplace?

Their colleagues were very helpful, especially to start organizing work in all fields.


What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering to apply to UOD?

When you see the name of UOD, do not think twice about signing up.


As the destination of the second trip of the spring semester on 3rd of May, students from the University of Dunaujvaros had the opportunity to explore the charming town of Szentendre, located just a short distance from Budapest. The day’s itinerary was filled with cultural exploration and unforgettable experiences.

On April 24th, the University of Dunaújváros had another International Club event, the secondone held during the spring semester.


First, a group of high school students from Bánki Secondary School gave a presentation about their trip to Poland as part of an exchange program.



They told us about all the fun and fascinating things they've learned throughout their visit. Among many things, they visited an exhibition and explored some of Poland's wondrous cities. 

They were really excited to share all they’ve learned during their visit and talked about the sights and locations they've come to know. Everyone seemed to be listening intently to their accounts of the trip.




In addition, two university students Symbat Sharsheeva and Nestan Mukai Kyzy from Kyrgyzstan showed us some marvelous photography of their country. They told us how beautiful the mountains and scenery truly are. It felt as though we were right there with them, gazing at Kyrgyzstan's stunning landscapes.



Finally Shariru Alahakoon our first, and only student from Sri Lanka told us about some of their traditions, including using banana leaves as plates, which helps reduce waste, even though it's not done specifically for the sake of the environment. Learning about their cultural practices was truly fascinating. We learned much throughout his presentation, and got to watch many videos showcasing Sri Lankan culture, including classical and folk dance, traditional wear. His presentation was veryinformative, teaching us about Sri Lanka’s landscape, environment and even the flora and fauna. His enriching and thorough presentation had us wishing to visit Sri Lanka ourselves.

The International Club was a fun way to learn about new places and cultures. It made uscurious about the world and the people who live in it.

 It reminded us that even though we're fromdifferent places, we're all connected in some way. We wanted to learn more about other cultures from around the world.


Thank you for all the wonderful presentations an all the participatn for coming.

See you next time!


Have you ever experienced an adventure that transported you into an enchanted world? It felt like stepping into a whole new world when we visited Tata on 19th of April 2024, a town that is simply stunning with its fantastic sights and fascinating history.


When we reached Tata, we were immediately attracted by the breathtaking lake, embraced by lively forests and a sky that looked like it was taken right from a painting. We couldn't help but stop and capture the beauty of the moment with our cameras, enthusiastically looking forward to the next part of our adventure.



And finally, the Dottó train pulled into the station. We were immediately drawn to its stunning shade of blue, and couldn't help but restore our love for the color. As we jumped to the train, we set off on a delightful adventure through the town, taking in the breathtaking sights as our guide told us with enchanting stories about the rich history of the town Tata . We were taken in  the incredible landscape that enveloped us, making it difficult to refocus our attention even for a moment.



However, the real highlight of our trip was the visit to the Eszterházy Castle. As soon as we entered, we were taken away to a world of luxuriousness and glory, bringing out memories of the way of life in the 18th century. Every room we discovered had its own captivating story, from the wonderful bathhouses to the charming children's quarters. We also discovered a snooker room, which added to the castle's charm and mystery.



As we walked through the halls of the castle, we couldn't help but feel a deep sense of gratitude towards the University of Dunaujvaros for putting together such a truly unforgettable excursion. The day was absolutely wonderful, filled with happiness, laughter, and a deep appreciation for interesting historical heritage of Tata. As we said our goodbyes to this captivating town, we took with us beloved memories that will stay with us forever.

In Tata, we were attracted not just by the stunning beauty of our surroundings, but also by the magnetic connections of friendship and the transformative nature of learning. It was such a memorable excursion that will stay with us forever. We're eagerly looking forward to our next adventure together.