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   How to change institution/major and/or language of your studies?  

The scholarship holder, during their scholarship status, may request to change their scholarship-supported training and/or institution which may be done on one occasion at each level of training. The scholarship holder, during their studies, may change any of the above (in any combination) at the same time.

Institutions, courses can only be changed at the end of the semester


The scholarship holder may submit a change request in their 2nd scholarship semester during which their student status is suspended.

The deadline for requests to be submitted to the Agency from 2019 is 1 December for the spring semester and 15 May for the autumn semester in every academic year. The requests - if applicable - must indicate the extension of the scholarship studies, too.


The deadline date of submission of requests to the Agency from 2019 is 1 December for the first semester, and 15 May for the second semester of each academic year. Requests shall – where relevant – include the extension of scholarship studies as well.


The scholarship holder must submit their request for a change of institution or training program, to the current host institution in an electronic form, who shall forward the request along with its mandatory attachments to the Agency.


The change of institution or training program may only take place after the positive decision of the Agency.


Requests for a change of institution will be assessed by the Agency based on the documents submitted, the work plans in effect and the available budgetary sources. Requests that are not conformant with the work plans in effect cannot be supported.


Documents to be submitted for a change of institution, or training program:


  1. a request signed by the scholarship holder,
  2. an official statement by the receiving institution with its seal,
  3. a statement by the transferring institution.


The request form can be dowload here.


   How to request the extension of your scholarship period?  

If a scholarship holder is not able to complete their studies during the training period, they have an opportunity to apply for an extension, which means an extension of a total of 2 semesters - one semester at a time - in Bachelor and Master's programs. The Agency will record approved extensions in its respective database so that the extensions can be traced back and the data related to them will be accessible for the affected institutions, too, if the scholarship holder pursues their studies in another institution, at another level. The extension procedure will take place in electronic form.


Scholarship holders shall submit their extension requests to the host institution. Scholarship holders shall attach to their request the supporting documents required by their host institution.

The host institution will compile the requests received and will decide whether to support them in its own discretion, taking into consideration their academic record book. When deciding about extension requests, the following criteria should be assessed:

  1. whether the statement of reasons attached to the request is acceptable,
  2. there is a realistic chance that the student will complete their studies in the modified period.


The procedure is the following:

  • A request form printed and signed by the student must be submitted to their host institution.
    • The request form can be dowloaded from HERE.
  • The institution summarises the requests and sends the list of those proposed for support to the Hungary Helps Agency
  • The request for extension of the scholarship holder should be submitted electronically to the institution during the final semester of the scholarship status. The request for extension must arrive at least one month before the end of the last semester covered by the scholarship.
  • The deadline of submitting the extension request to the host institution is 25th November (for the spring semester) and 30th April (for the fall semester). The requests must be sent to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The institution will notify scholarship holders requesting an extension whether the institution supports their request or not.  

Following the decision, the institution will forward a list of students to the Agency whose extension request it supports. 

After an extension request has been decided, no appeals can be submitted. If the application for extension is rejected, the costs of the semesters in the extension period will be borne by the scholarship holder.

In case of students, who have commenced their studies prior to the 2022/2023 academic year, during an extension, scholarship holders will receive a monthly stipend, accommodation allowance, travel allowance in respect of the extended semesters, and they are also entitled to healthcare insurance during that period.


In case of students, who have started their studies in the 2022/2023 academic year, and thereafter, the Scholarship Programme shall only finance the tuition fee  and the organizational allowance; students who extend their studies shall not receive student allowances.


  Information on completing the Hungarian Language and Culture course  

Scholarship students enrolled to a bachelor-, or master training program shall be obliged starting from the 2022/2023 academic year to participate on a Hungarian as a Foreign Language and culture (HFL) course for two semesters during their first year of training, and to fulfill the related requirements set out by the institution (participation in lessons, passed test, grade).

If the scholarship student fails to fulfill the requirements set out by the institution for the HFL course until the 31st day of August of the given academic year, the monthly stipend amount of the given student shall be decreased to HUF 120,000.


   Minimum credit requirement  

The institution, upon closing each academic year, shall check whether the scholarship holders have acquired 18 credits on average for their last two active semesters (i.e., a total of 36 credits for the last two active semesters).  

If a student failed to obtain the necessary number of credits, the institution shall terminate the scholarship status (until 15 July the latest) and notify the Agency without delay.  

The minimum credit requirement does not apply to those who began their studies before the 2018/2019 academic year. 


   Habitual residence in Hungary  

The scholarship holder is obligated to maintain habitual residence in Hungary during the training period (the period that incorporates the study period and the examination period, i.e., the period of the semester) as follows: 

The scholarship holder may spend an uninterrupted period of up to 10 working days outside of Hungary for private reasons on one occasion in each training period. In accordance with this, the scholarship holder may leave Hungary for a period of up to 10 working days in a semester without needing to request permission to do so from their institution.

If the length of the stay outside Hungary for private reasons exceeds 10 working days, but does not reach 30 calendar days, the student must obtain the consent of the institution. The institution will decide in its own competence whether to permit the foreign stay. If the institution does not monthly stipend its consent for the travel but it does take place, the scholarship holder will be in breach of contract and thereby their contractual relationship will terminate.


   Travel contribution  

Scholarship holders with an active student status shall receive an annual allowance of HUF 200,000 to reimburse their travel home. The receiving higher education institution shall transfer the travel allowance in two installments (HUF 100,000 HUF/capita/semester).

The annual travel allowance amount shall solely be utilized for travel purposes, against tickets and local community transportation passes purchased until the end of the given academic year. The actual travel can be realized after the end of the given academic year as well, but until the 31st of August after the given academic year, as the latest.