How to get to the University?


Dunaújváros has good transportation to the capital Budapest - which is just 70 kilometres away - and also to other cities of Hungary (Székesfehérvár, Pécs, Győr etc). The city can be reached by both train and motorway.

Dunaújváros has one railway station (Kandó Kálmán tér 7). The long distance buses or coaches usually have two major stops: one at the bus station (Béke tér), the other opposite the Dózsa cinema at Vasmű street. There is regular bus service to the capital every hour.

You can find the timetables of the trains and the buses clicking on the links below: (train) (bus)


The main airport for international flights in Hungary is Liszt Ferenc Airport, Budapest.
If you come by plane, first you have to go to the centre of Budapest, where you then have to take a bus (coach) or a train to come to Dunaújváros.

From the airport to Dunaújváros by BUS

From the airport to Budapest, passengers are taken by a direct bus service from Terminals 2, called the Bus No. 200E to Köbánya-Kispest metro terminal. From there, the easiest way is to get on the metro (M3), go 4 stops as far as Népliget, where you find Népliget Bus (coach) station. From there, direct buses leave for Dunaújváros every hour. (It takes about 40 minutes to get to the Bus Station; the bus to Dunaújváros takes about 70-100 minutes).

The bus ticket (from Budapest to Dunaújváros) costs around HUF 1500,- (=EUR 5,00,-). You can buy a ticket from the bus driver, when you get on the bus.

From the airport to Dunaújváros by TRAIN

You have to go 10 stops by the metro (M3), from Kőbánya-Kispest, as far as Deák Ferenc tér, where you have to change to the metro line (M2) and go 4 stops as far as Déli Pályaudvar, from where the trains start in almost every hour. (It takes about 60 minutes to get the Déli Pályaudvar railway station; the train to Dunaújváros takes about 90-120 minutes). The train ticket (from Budapest to Dunaújváros) costs around HUF 1500,- (=EUR 5,00,-). You can buy a ticket at the railway station.

We recommend you to come by bus. It is easier, quicker and shorter.

In Budapest

The cost of a ticket for the buses, trams and metro in Budapest is 350 HUF (1,1 EUR) for one journey. (You have to buy these tickets before getting on the vehicles in special cash-desks, or in newsagent's, or at automatic machines.)


You can also come to Dunaújváros by car. Dunaújváros can be easily reached from various places.

The address of the University is: Dunaújváros, Táncsics M. u. 1/A



You can find taxis in front of the airport buildings that can bring you whenever you want. Be careful, it can cost a lot of money (~100 EUR).