The scholarship holders are entitled to receive the following two health insurances for free of charge.


Hungarian health insurance card called TAJ card (Social Security Card)

How to apply?

  • You have to visit the International Relations Office to apply for the TAJ card (main „F” building”, ground floor, room. nr. 118.)
  • The SH coordinator is going to ask the following documents from you:
  • your passport
  • valid residence permit card
  • address card (Accomodation Reporting Form)
  • Student Status Certificate (from the Study Office)
  • You also have to sign the application document for the TAJ card in the office


The SH coordinator is going to deal with the administration of the application and send the documents via post to the health insurance office. It takes approximately 4-5 weeks to issue your TAJ card. As soon as the TAJ card arrives in our office, we are going to inform you by e-mail and you can pick it up in our office.

The TAJ card can be used free of charge at Hungarian hospitals, surgeries and clinics operated by the Hungarian Government.


DENTAL ISSUES: Basic treatments are for free with your ’TAJ’ card and your address card, but more complex dental treatments are to be paid by the patient.

Please, do not forget to renew your TAJ card before it expires!


Private insurance with GENERALI insurance company

Upon your first visit in the International Relations Office you will be provided by the GENERALI Health insurance. You will get the health insurance contract that you need to complete with your datas then sign it and of course you wil receive your insurance card. The card contains the name, address and consulting hours and phone number of the school doctor, so should you need to visit the doctor you can call her for an appointment.

The health insurance contract of the Generali-Providencia Insurance Inc. offers the following services to the foreign students during their stay in Hungary:

  • Covers the 50% of costs of the insured person’s necessary medication and medical treatment arising from illness or accidents. The insurance company’s service obligation only extends to cover the outpatient treatment and hospital treatment in Hungary. 
  • /The insurance does not cover dental treatment (except for emergency and resulting from accidents), hospital nursing due to pregnancy and abortion, the cosmetic and rehabilitation treatment and alcohol and narcotic detoxification cures, illnesses caused by the AIDS virus./ 
  • The insurance is valid for 1 whole year: from 1 September till 31 August the next year.


Please, do not forget to renew your GENERALI health insurance each year in September!