Members of the Antal Kerpely College for Advance Studies and the University of Dunaújváros visited Prime Rate on 14 April 2023! Founded in 1994, Prime Rate is a Hungarian company that does everything related to printing.


With the kind welcome of Lilla Sebestyén (Marketing Project Manager) and Melinda Nyilas (Marketing Project Manager), and the assistance of DUE mentor Szilvia Kovács (Assistant Professor), we were able to see amazing examples of printing processes and their different possible outcomes.

After exploringthe samples, we watched a presentation of Primer Rate, their vision, installations, building and social responsibility. During this session, they highlighted that the company size is of 235 employees, they were the first to launch 3D UV printing technology in Hungary, half of their clients order within Hungary and the other half are divided between French and German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

They are also big supporters of the Miracle Lights Foundation (Csodalámpa Alapítvány), a non-profit organization that works to make the wishes of seriously ill children come true, while also strongly supporting environmental practices such as using electric efficient lights, solar panels, using less materials for their products, using eco-friendly inks for printing, and recycling all discarded materials. These practices have earned them the “Green print” certification in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

After the presentation, we were excited to see everything with our own eyes! First, we explored the different departments that make their work possible, such as the marketing department, the graphics department, the customer department, and the accounting department. After that, we looked at where the real magic happens! The factory is equipped with huge and impressive printing machines that ensure the best prints that can be made. Some examples were the motion cutter and the laser machine, which allow stickers to be made without punching the paper, as well as cardboard cut-outs and precise paper cutting.

In addition, we saw the PageWide Press T240 HD, which allows them to produce several thousand pages in minutes, which is useful for making books and manuals! The paper rolls used by this machine are up to 50 km long!

We visited the warehouse where they prepare their beautiful creations to be sent to their customers to enjoy, received our own special edition of three issues of X-It magazine and enjoyed the results of the students' work, with all kinds of photos, articles, and illustrations.

They provided delicious food and drinks the whole time we were there! So, we had constant energy!

We ended the visit with a huge smile and expressed our thanks to Lilla Sebestyén and Melinda Nyilas for the opportunity to visit the company and then went off to enjoy a wonderful part of Budapest!