Dr. József Katona has been awarded the "National Young Talent Scholarship" again this year.

Approaching the end of the second semester International Office of the University of Dunaújváros organized an excursion to the exciting Abaliget Cave and  Pécs for international students of the university.

Mechanical Engineering MSc

Read the story of our Moroccan alumni student, Yassine Chahboub. Yassine graduated in 2018 in Mechanical Engineering MSc.

The Hungarian Fuzzy Society (MFT) Youth Prize was awarded on 13 April 2022 to Dr. Ákos Odry, lecturer at the University of Dunaújváros The core activities of MFT cover all the disciplines collectively known as Soft Computing, Intelligent Techniques and Computational Intelligence.

Mechanical Engineering BSc

Ema Basovic is our Alumni student from Serbia. She graduated from UOD in the field of Mechanical Engineering BSc in 2020. After her graduation she started her master degree in Mechatronical Engineering study porgram in Budapest, Hungary and at the same time she is working as a junior mechanical engineer at the Schneider Electric company.

Engineering Management BSc

Cedric Doriant Tsague is our Alumni student from Cameroon. He graduated from UOD in Engineering Management BSc (former Technical Management BSc) in 2015. During the past few years after the graduation he was able to hold many positions because during his studies he gained a wide range of knowledge from the professors of the university. First, he started to work in the same place where he completed his professional internship and currently, he is working in a Swiss company.