The International Evening - organized by the University of Dunaújváros - now a traditional event when the international students can introduce their country and culture. On the 17th of October the Chinese and the Syrian students had the opportunity to show the many wonders their home can offer.



From their well prepared presentations the audience could learn that these countries hold the heritage of ancient civilizations and in their traditional calendar the current date is way over 5000 years! Holidays, touristic areas, famous people, infrastructure and languages were also mentioned.  It was a pleasure to see how well the students worked in groups and how happy and proud they were to speak about their home and customs.



The Chinese students were also asked to prepare and share some traditional food: to everyone's suprise they cooked fresh, delicious dumplings on the spot.



After the presentation the students could join to the pre-halloween party organised by the Students Union.



The event was supported by the EFOP 3.4.3 EU project.