The main educational task of the Institute of Engineering Sciences is primarily engineering education, but we also participate in the training of other subjects by teaching basic technical and natural science subjects. The Institute offers Materials Engineering BSc, Mechanical Engineering BSc, as well as Mechanical Engineering MSc in both Hungarian and English languages. Our trainings are supported by well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art instruments and highly developed electronic and online study materials.


2 Departments


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences
  • Department of Natural Sciences and Environmental Protection


Degree Programs in English



The research activities of the Institute are carried out in the field of engineering and environmental protection. Among our research, materials science, non-destructive material testing and the environmental applications of electrical discharges stand out. The Institute expands its R & D & I activities in the field of electromobility, which complements and at the same time opens up a new space for its education and research portfolio. In electric transport and the operation of electric vehicles, complex mechatronic systems, electric drive technology, sensor and actuator technology, as well as modern computer-based control technology appear with great emphasis, which provides the main knowledge of the mechatronic specialization of basic mechanical engineering.


Research fields

  • Material Science Engineering
    • Development of new production technologies using the Gleeble 3800 Thermomechanic Simulator
    • Development of high-performance structural materials
  • Modelling fluid mechanical problems
  • Non-destructive material testing
  • Development of a scanning acoustic microscope
  • Decomposition of Nitrogen and Sulfur oxides using fast rising electric discharges
  • Treatment of plastic and metallic surfaces using silent electric discharges and cold electric plasmas