On 23 Nov 2022, from 7 PM, an online interview is going to be on the air about challenges in the IT sphere with András Czövek, physicist, freelance programmer, who worked for companies such as Pronovix (HU), Liip (CH), Commerce Guys/Centarro (US).

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Communication (PKSZK), a long-established chapter of the University of Dunaújváros KASZK, announces the IX. SHORT FILM FESTIVAL!

Excursions are great occasions for our international students to gain a better understanding of Hungarian culture, they give the opportunity to discover numerous Hungarian towns and cities - a great way to familiarise themselves with Hungary’s rich cultural heritage.

On Thursday 10.11.2022, the University of Dunaújváros Week of Science ended with the Nuclear Day event, where presentations were given on the peaceful use of nuclear energy and the internationalization of higher education, its experiences, and opportunities.


The first, English-language session of the Nuclear Day was opened by István L. Szabó, Director General of Nuclear and International Affairs, followed by four presentations on the role of the energy market and nuclear energy, the challenges of the energy market, and the nuclear education strategy of the University of Dunaújváros. Prof. Alexander V. Putilov, Doctor of Engineering at the Moscow National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, demonstrated the development of VVER reactors, and Biranna Lazerwitz, Head of the Department of Economics, Nuclear Energy Division, International Atomic Energy Agency, spoke about the place of nuclear energy in the energy mix of the 2050 transition.


Pál Kovács, Vice President of MEKH responsible for energy, gave a presentation on "Energy market challenges"


In the next session, speakers presented online, in English, on the current state of international relations and the implementation of Erasmus projects. Experiences and opportunities of the Erasmus project were presented, cooperation between students and partners within the Erasmus+ Programme was discussed, and there was also an interesting presentation on the challenges faced by international students.

Nuclear Day marked the end of this year's Week of Science at the University of Dunaújváros. 


On Wednesday, 9 November, the Autumn TDK (Scientific Students' Conference) was held digitally as part of Science Week.

Our programme continued on Wednesday. This time, visitors could participate in the Career Day and our students presented their scientific research and results at the TDK Conference.