The University of Dunaújváros has been expanding cooperation agreements with Chinese higher education institutions for more than ten years. A new college has been added to the prestigious list.


 In late November, the University of Dunaújváros opened a new office in China. The Sichuan Top IT Vocational Institute and the University of Dunaújváros are now pursuing common goals. About the cooperation dr. habil András István Rector and dr. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár General and Educational Vice-Rector said, at the moment the University of Dunaújváros co-operates with more than sixty universities abroad, the number of students choosing the University of Dunaújváros is increasing with the Erasmus scholarship program as well. Thanks to partnerships, more than two-thirds of foreign students from more than thirty countries studying at the university, a significant percentage of students are from China. As a result of signing the agreement that has just been completed, the number of Chinese students will rise further in the coming years. Besides the new Chinese College, the University of Dunaújváros already had an office in Beijing. The signing of the memorandum represents the official start of cooperation between the two Universities, the next step is the scope of cooperation and the promotion of the common goals.



 Dr. István András told, during the trip the university’s delegation can luckily met Máté Pesti, the Ambassador of Hungary in Beijing, who can help foreign students to get their visa seamlessly. Nearly 100,000 students are currently studying in the Chinese institute, so everyone is confident that in two or three years the number of students visiting our city may increase further. Experience so far shows that Chinese students are very well prepared and everybody appreciates the relationship between institutions. Dr. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár noted that it is planned that Chinese students will arrive in our city after finishing the first two years of their training and get their diploma here, for what a special training scheme is required to coordinate the subjects taught in Sichuan school.