Adnan Ahdali from Syria was a student of the Computer Science Engineering BSc program at UOD, and he graduated in June, 2021. Aside with his studies he was working as a part timer and after graduation he immediately started to build his carreer as an AP accountant at Roche pharmaceutical company.

UOD’s international alumni officers invited him to tell us about the time since finishing his studies at our university.


How did you decide on choosing the University of Dunaújváros and the study program?

I chose the University of Dunaújváros because I liked the vibe of the people there and study program sounded interesting.


What things did you learn at UOD that were most helpful to you?

The university provided me a great opportunity to socializing with people and students from different nationalities.


What is the relationship like between the students and the professors?

I developed mutual respect with the professors of the university.


What do you think of the campus of the university?

The most important to mention are the campus’ clean air and its calmness.


What do you think of the extracurricular activities (programs, events, excursions) at UOD?

 My most favorite part was the excursions which was a mix of nice activities and sight seeing across Hungary.


How well did UOD prepare you to enter the workplace?

The university gives you the information you need for your studies and the student duty to put them in good use.


What advice would you give to prospective students who are considering to apply to UOD?

I belive the most important advice I could give is to have fun and study hard.