The world needs great engineers to support innovation and growth – but those future engineers need someone to inspire, nurture and train them to be the best they can be. Could that be you?

Now is the time to take advantage of your education and experience to pass on your skills to the next generation of IT experts, mechanical engineers and civil engineers.


  • Do you have a bachelor or a master’s degree in engineering, especially mechanical, material, IT or perhaps electronic or transportation?
  • Are you interested in teaching profession?
  • Have you ever tried to teach students in secondary or higher education or even as a private tutor?
  • Have you ever faced a situation when you could not properly explain the material to your students?


If your answer is YES on minimum 2 of these questions, then the Engineer Teacher Training is for you!


Whether you’re a mechanical, material, computer or electrical engineer; whether your specialism is in CAD, fabrication and welding, aerospace or gas; whether you’re experienced in agriculture, architecture, manufacturing or computing – the education and training sector needs your skills and experience to ensure that industry and innovation continues to thrive over the next decade and beyond.


After graduation, you could work in various sectors of society:

  • in technical secondary school, where you can prepare students for higher education studies;
  • at universities, where you can teach engineer students applying professional pedagogical competencies;
  • in companies, where you can deal with students during their internship,
  • and you can even continue your education in PhD courses becoming a junior lecturer in a university.


Either way: having an Engineer Teacher Master’s degree, speaking excellent English, having the technological, educational and interpersonal skills and knowledge acquired during the training will open up a wide range of career opportunities in teaching, research and engineering. Out of these opportunities, you can choose the one that you prefer most – all doors are open for you!