A career in Communication and Media involve disseminating information, in a variety of forms, to the public. They include the spoken and written word, and even sound and pictures.

The most obvious career pathways for media and communications graduates is work in film, television, radio and other types of journalism. Other career options may involve working in publishing, local government, marketing, public relations, theatre and teaching and education.

At the University of Dunaújváros BA programme in Communication and Media Science offers a broad-based approach to the methods, channels and institutions of social and mass communication and provides the students with an educational profile that combines in-depth intellectual and practical communicational competence with a solid knowledge in social sciences.


During their six-semester studies students will be acquainted with the following fields:

  • field of social sciences,
  • communication skills,
  • communicational theoretical knowledge
  • regulation and the specific fields of communication
  • business communication
  • media informatics



The appreciation of communication and media experts means that the prospects of students after graduation are excellent and include a wide-range of professions:

  • editor or director of radio and television programs,
  • journalist, online journalist,
  • web designer,
  • anchorperson of a television or radio program,
  • media technician,
  • manager of public relations,
  • manager or coworker of a communication agency.


Your final decision about a career with a degree as diverse as communications will be influenced by your individual interests, skills, and values, but we hope that we could give you promising options for your consideration!