Our University Library is closed because of the state of emergency, but that doesn't stop our librarians from supporting both students and staff. They are striving to provide as many information and useful tips to the university citizens as possible. 

They received a lot of library related questions in the latest from library members, so they compiled a Library FAQ to share the most important information with all of us:



Is the library open? When can I visit the library?

Unfortunately until the current state of emergency is over, the library is closed, just like the university.


When can I become member of the library?

Currently this isn’t possible, but when the epidemic situation is over, we await every new library member with pleasure.


When will it be possible to borrow books?

Immediately after state of emergency is over, we are at the disposal of all our readers.


I have borrowed some documents, my deadline is about to expire, can I extend it? Or should I take it back? Do I have to pay a penalty for being late with the books?

If the deadline for the borrowed documents expires during the period of the epidemic lockdown no late return fees will be charged.


How long time will I have to return the borrowed documents?

You can return the books during a period of two weeks after the epidemic emergency is over. If you can’t return it personally you can send it back by post to the adress of the library (even during the current period).


I was left without literature - where do I look?

During this period it is worth keeping an eye on the Library’s website  and on our Facebook page. We are constantly expanding our suggestion for free databases and a growing number of database providers are making their services accessible for free or available by using EduID.


What is EduID? Do I have / will I have one?

EduID is your Neptun ID. At our university the two are the same, all enrolled students have a Neptun ID. On the pages that we suggest for you to use and where they are asking for an EduID you can use your Neptun ID and password.


I'm writing a thesis, can I look into another's thesis? Can I do it online?

Unfortunately during this lockdown period it's not possible to look into any thesis neither personally nor online.


I'll have a final exam in this semester, I'm a registered member of the library, how can I terminate my library membership?

We will send you further notices about this topic later.