The University of Dunaújváros hosted the yearly annual Dorm Day on Wednesday the 10th of April 2019. The event was open to both the Hungarian and the International students.

The day started with sports competitions that included football and table tennis. Two International students' team and one Hungarian team went head to head in a friendly game of football. After a well-played friendly tournament the team that came out at top, The Scorers, was made up of the boys from the International students that comprised of a notable university player Achour Ahmed who scored a high score of 5 goals. In second place were the Hungarian and in last position was yet another international team, the SKRR.



Around the time when the sun started to set, the food competition began. This event brought out a variety of modern and traditional meals which included traditional Hungarian fish soup, wild boar stew and barbecue dishes - all of them prepared on open fire.



Amongst the competitors was a team from the university’s very own International Relations Office staff who prepared a special and amazing Chili con carne.

As the day came to end the night time brought an even more exciting event The B-club Party where everyone had a chance to enjoy fantastic music mixed by a local DJ while drinking some beer with friends. At the party a number of musical acts performed their pieces. At the end such event packed day both the students and the staff members returned home after having had a special day which was complimented by a great number of memories.




SKRR Football team

Patrik Körmöczi, Hamza Marwan Mosleh, Batyrkhan Idrissov, Mustapha Adamu Shuaibu, Abdul-Hamid Tijjani Hamidu, Abanob Salama Matyis, Leslie Enos, Vitali Baryshenko


The Scorers

Wilfried Happy Siewe, Moise Wepeo Siyapdje, Chedli Daldoul, OussamaBen Abdelwaheb, Riadh Khelef, Ahmed Achour


Article written by Tawanda Masaka (Communication and Media BA)

Photos: Lama Aldayoub, Tawanda Masaka, Sahil Raza (Communication and Media BA)