All applicants to the undergraduate or graduate study programmes at UOD whose English language proficiency is lower than IELTS 5.5/CEFR B2 can apply for our Preparatory Year Program in English as a Foreign Language.

Duration of Study: 1- or 2-semester progammes

Tuition Fee: 4100 Euro (3950 Euro tuition fee for 1 academic year + 150 Euro for course material)


Precondition of student application acceptance:

  • General Certificate of Education or a certificate of national secondary school final exam; or the certificate required for entering a tertiary education study programme in the home country.
  • The minimum level of English language proficiency for application: IELTS 4.0/CEFR B1.


Credit points to be acquired: 0.


Objectives and main learning outcomes

To prepare students for their English language studies on the chosen academic programmes by:

  • raising their level of English proficiency towards the IELTS 5.5/CEFR B2 level
  • providing them with academic reading, writing, speaking, listening skills, and basic research skills
  • introducing them to the Hungarian culture and language
  • providing an international study environment
  • familiarizing them with the study rules and everyday campus life at UOD.