The scholarship holders are entitled to receive the following two health insurances for free of charge:


Hungarian health insurance card called TAJ card (Social Security Card)
Private insurance with Union insurance company


   Hungarian health insurance card called TAJ card (Social Security Card)  

How to apply?

  • You have to visit the International Relations Office to apply for the TAJ card („I” building”, I-110, I-113, I-114)
  • The SYCP coordinator is going to ask the following documents from you:
  • your passport
  • valid residence permit card
  • address card (Accomodation Reporting Form)
  • Student Status Certificate (from the Study Office)
  • You also have to sign the application document for the TAJ card in the office


The SCYP coordinator is going to deal with the administration of the application and send the documents via post to the health insurance office. It takes approximately 4-5 weeks to issue your TAJ card. As soon as the TAJ card arrives in our office, we are going to inform you by e-mail and you can pick it up in our office.

The TAJ card can be used free of charge at Hungarian hospitals, surgeries and clinics operated by the Hungarian Government.


DENTAL ISSUES: Basic treatments are for free with your ’TAJ’ card and your address card, but more complex dental treatments are to be paid by the patient.


Please, do not forget to renew your TAJ card before it expires!


   Private insurance with Union insurance company   


If you are a scholarship holder within the framework of Young Christian Scholarship, you are eligible for a supplementary health insurance, providing you health care services in English. costs of the insurance are covered by the scholarship programmes.

You can arrange your private health insurance at the International Relations Office by filling out the necessary forms.


In the autumn semester of 2023/24, SCYP scholarship holders have the opportunity to conclude contract with UNION Vienna Insurance Group.


Basic information about the health insurance


Product name:
„UniMed 2.0. Health Insurance”


Insurance company:
UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt.


within the territory of Hungary


Period of insurance:
In the autumn semester: from September 1 of a given year to January 31 of the following year;
In the spring semester: from February 1 to August 31 of a given year.


How to apply for medical and health care services:
If you feel that your condition requires the attention of a medical professional, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

You can get an appointment by calling the designated service provider.


Designated service provider:
Teladoc Hungary Kft.


Medical call centre day and night:  +36 1 461 1572        


In case of a medical problem:

  • calling +36 1 461 1572
  • identifying yourself (name, birth date, passport number, education ID)
  • brief description of your medical problem
  • telephone consultation for your medical care
  • getting the doctor’s name, address and the date and time of your appointment
  • on-site appearance at the doctor
  • identifying yourself with your residence permit or passport (student ID is not acceptable)


Customer Information

Insurance Product Information


Please, do not forget to renew your UNIMED health insurance at the beginning of each semester!