The International Club of the University of Dunaújváros continued on the 25th of October. The international students gave exciting presentations to Hungarian students: Akhlaq Ahmad introduced the culture, fashion and cuisine of Pakistan, Wellisson Paschoal and Alan Almeida showed the beautiful South-American landscape and climate and finally, Shapal Hassan talked about the Newroz, the Kurdish New Year celebrations. 

"This club is the best tool to get internatinal and Hungarian students closer to each other" - said Orsolya Barthal, organiser of the events - "and it's goal got achived." Referred to the fact that Hungarians and International Students have more and more common activites outside the school as well.




Students’ thoughts about our International Club DUE (IC DUE):

„It was wonderful to watch such like those presentations from different countries and take a look at many different cultures. It was very beautiful to invite younger students from the high school to watch what others did in English not in Hungarian. That’s very goodJ” (Loujain Alkelnay)

„It is so great that the cultures can interfere each other and it is the best way to meet countries. Here we get to know about countries, culture, custums. So, IC DUE is a good way for us and provide us lots of new things, new information and we have to care about that.” (Sharaf Abdulwahab Mohammed Abduljalil)

„ It is a great idea to know things we didn’t know about our countries. In the last presentation I feel glad for all that information so I desire to visit them.” (Lama Mkanna)

„From the World to the University…It’s a good idea for students to get to know other cultures.” (Attallah Elias)

„International Club is a good place for communication with others and see different cultures. „ ( Iqbal Muhammad Naveed)