The international students of the first academic year of the Computer Science Engineering BSc at the University of Dunaújváros participated with their university lecturer, Dr. György Ágoston again this year in the Infoparlament professional conference held in Budapest on 6th June 2024.

 During the conference a wide spectrum of cybersecurity-related topics, from digital crime to the digital aspects of war and diplomacy, to the security of IoT devices, AI and quantum computing was analysed.



The decade of uncertainty has seen a marked acceleration in global political and economic events compared to previous periods. All over the world we are witnessing much more active processes to change the balance of power, to build new alliances, to gain economic ground, and elsewhere to survive or remain competitive. Technology continues to serve all of these aspirations and is increasingly becoming the key driver and dominant factor. Artificial intelligence is now a real economic driver: it is no longer only used by large companies and institutions, but is increasingly playing a dominant role in all economic and social processes.

Accordingly, one of the central themes of the 14th Infoparliament is the potential applications of artificial intelligence. The participant of the conference has explored with educationalists, psychologists and computer scientists the question of whether AI can impart values and competences with speial focus on cybersecurity.