On April 24th, the University of Dunaújváros had another International Club event, the secondone held during the spring semester.


First, a group of high school students from Bánki Secondary School gave a presentation about their trip to Poland as part of an exchange program.



They told us about all the fun and fascinating things they've learned throughout their visit. Among many things, they visited an exhibition and explored some of Poland's wondrous cities. 

They were really excited to share all they’ve learned during their visit and talked about the sights and locations they've come to know. Everyone seemed to be listening intently to their accounts of the trip.




In addition, two university students Symbat Sharsheeva and Nestan Mukai Kyzy from Kyrgyzstan showed us some marvelous photography of their country. They told us how beautiful the mountains and scenery truly are. It felt as though we were right there with them, gazing at Kyrgyzstan's stunning landscapes.



Finally Shariru Alahakoon our first, and only student from Sri Lanka told us about some of their traditions, including using banana leaves as plates, which helps reduce waste, even though it's not done specifically for the sake of the environment. Learning about their cultural practices was truly fascinating. We learned much throughout his presentation, and got to watch many videos showcasing Sri Lankan culture, including classical and folk dance, traditional wear. His presentation was veryinformative, teaching us about Sri Lanka’s landscape, environment and even the flora and fauna. His enriching and thorough presentation had us wishing to visit Sri Lanka ourselves.

The International Club was a fun way to learn about new places and cultures. It made uscurious about the world and the people who live in it.

 It reminded us that even though we're fromdifferent places, we're all connected in some way. We wanted to learn more about other cultures from around the world.


Thank you for all the wonderful presentations an all the participatn for coming.

See you next time!