Mr. Rodrigo Ballester, the Ministerial Commissioner for the Internationalisation of Higher Education and Research paid a visit to the University of Dunaújváros on the 25th March 2024.

 The guest had meetings with Dr. Mónika Rajcsányi-Molnár PhD, the Vice Rector of General Affars, Dr. László Balázs, the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, and he also participated in a campus tour in which his guides, Dr. Judit Pázmán, the Vice Rector of Scientific and Research Affairs and Katalin Gyöngyössy, the international relations director presented to  Mr. Ballester thre Online Studium Department and a few research and educational laboratories and workshops of UoD, such as

  • the Hungarian Acoustic and Industrial Diagnostics Laboratory;
  • the Welding Training Center;
  • the CNC workshop.



As a part of his program Mr. Ballester had a meeting and talking with the international students of the university.

Mr. Rodrigo Ballester sees remarkable potential in offering the study programs of UoD to South American students and attract them for their higher educational studies in Dunaújváros. 

In relation to the meetings with the Ministerial Commissioner we have positive expectations for an increase in the number of new students from South American countries at our university in the future.