The graduates of the University of Dunaújváros received their diplomas in a ceremony on 16 February 2024.

The main protagonists of the day were undoubtedly the graduating students, who successfully completed the academic challenges of the past years, crowned by a successful final examination. 155 students (including 22 international students) passed the final exams. Of them, seven students received a diploma with distinction and 61 students received a diploma with excellent grades at the graduation ceremony.



The first to congratulate the graduates was Rector István Dr. András. In his welcome speech, he gave a brief overview of the main events of the past period of the University: the increased number of students, the career opportunities and the infrastructure investments. The Rector pointed out that he wants to send his students on a journey full of opportunities, where they will benefit from the spirit and values passed on by the university's teachers and will be able to use them in many aspects of their lives.

The Rector of the University,  Dr. István András gave the words of Lao-Ce as a guide: "Begin hard things while they are still easy." He wished them that "...your restless curiosity and your thirst for knowledge will lift you to the heights and that you will find every new task and challenge easy."



The celebration continued with a performance by the Móricz Zsigmond Primary School Choir, conducted by Irma Németh.

In his speech, Dr. Lajos Mészáros, Member of Parliament, stressed that recent graduates "should be open to the world, enjoy the opportunities of a global society and learn what others do well. Never say no to a little more learning.



Following the congratulations, the graduates took their vows, and as the highlight of the event, Dr. István András András, the rector of the university and the directors of the institutes handed over the diplomas.

Tamás Pintér, Mayor of the City of Dunaújváros, also said goodbye to the graduates. He thanked the graduating students for choosing this town and university for their studies and encouraged them that their Alma Mater and Dunaújváros will always welcome them back.



On behalf of the graduates, Maja Virág Móricz, a student of Economics and Management, bid farewell to Alma Mater and her fellow students.

The graduation ceremony of the University of Dunaújváros ended with the anthems of the ancient faculties, followed by the sounds of the Hungarian appeal called Szózat.



Congratulations on  our fresh graduates!

Jó szerencsét! /Good luck!