Our university signed a cooperation agreement on 14 November 2022 for the purposes of mutual development.


"The first speaker at the ceremony was Deputy Minister András Tállai, Member of Parliament of our region. He underlined that this agreement shows that the company wants to move forward and strives to keep and increase jobs. In recent years, the number of jobs has increased by 50, so today there are around 280 people employed. He added that dynamic growth requires skilled professionals with higher education qualifications, which is one of the objectives of the agreement. Dr. Zoltán Fekete, Mayor of Mezőkövesd, said in his welcome speech that it is a special event for a Mezőkövesd's company to sign an agreement with a university, which is a great pleasure for the municipality as well, as it is a fast developing company, which is confirmed by the fact that Kiss & Társa Ltd. was the 5th best tax payer in the city last year and the 3rd best tax payer this year.



Dr. István András, Rector of the University of Dunaújváros, emphasized that the agreement between two dynamic organizations is important for education, as students will be happy to join the company for practical training and experience. The educational institution has, for example, courses in mechanical engineering, materials engineering and computer science, and a master's degree is also possible, and if the company needs it, they can even start a specialized course. In addition, they could even think about solving industrial problems together with the company, the rector added.



Kiss & Társa Ltd. would like to use the cooperation agreement to develop their business mutually, emphasized Balázs Várnai, the managing director of the company. The company can benefit mainly because they can employ university graduates and they can provide the university with a good place for an internship, he said.



Afterwards, the contract was signed by Dr. István András Rector and Balázs Várnai, Managing Director. The official programme ended with a visit to the factory" - informed by the Newspaper of Mezőkövesd.