Lots of vivid and interesting programmes await you within this year's Researchers' Night at the campus of the University of Dunaújváros.  - Visit us to be part of an evening revolving around the sciences.


The European Researchers' Night is a Europe-wide public event, which displays the diversity of science and its impact on citizens' daily lives in fun, inspiring ways. The University of Dunaújváros join the national event series of Researchers' Night with a range of interesting and exciting programs. On the evening of 30th September 2022, starting from 18.00 all the students and people interested are welcome to take part on the spectacular scientific exhibitions organized by lecturers of the institution. The aim of the free event aims to give a brief insight into today's researches and innovations.


Date: September 30, 2022 from 6 p.m.

Location:  Campus buildings







  • Presentation of interesting mechanical and voltage-optical phenomena - (venue: building “P”)
  • Maidlab presentation - (venue: M-134)
  • Demonstration of a welding robot - venure: welding Laboratory - “M2” building)
  • Simulation with Gleeble Equipment - (venue: M-38)
  • Let's „casting” together! – Casting of DUE (UOD) coins (venue: M-39)
  • Edible Materials Science - making sugar roses and other figures - (venue: M-130)
  • Electrostatic powder transport, separation - (venue: C-111)
  • Treatment of metal and plastic surfaces with silent electrical discharges - (venue: C-111)
  • Presentation of the structure of microcircuits - (venue: C-111)
  • The Light of Our Eyes - (venue: C-111)
  • Virtual journey through the caverns of crystalline materials (Venue: C-115)
  • Chemiluminescence reactions - experiments with hydrogen (Venue: C-115)
  • Balloon Magic - (venue: C-126)
  • Volcanic eruption - (venue: C-126)
  • Lava lamp simply - (venue: C-126)
  • Rainbow in the test tube - (venue: C-126)
  • Silver Mirror Trial (Venue: C-126)
  • Let's defeat gravity! Spectacular Physics Experiments (Venue: P-001)
  • A small robot in the maze (Venue: M32)




  • Become this year's quiz champion - (venue: DUE TV studio – Building A)
  • Virtuality in Education - (venue: P-009)




  • „FREE MAIL” – the possibilities of using the electronic signature as a citizen (venue: I-206)




  • Time travel in the world of retro-tales and games (Building P)