The Sports and Events Hall of the University of Dunaújváros was once again full on Friday, 24 June 2022. 165 students received their diplomas and final certificates at the graduation ceremony of the University of Dunaújváros.


Of the 165 students, 39 graduated with excellent grades, besides 1 foreign and 16 Hungarian students received honorary degrees. A further 80 foreign students also received their diplomas.


The event was opened by the Rector of the University, Dr. István András, who congratulated the graduating students and underlined that the situation created by the pandemic in the last two and a half years has posed many challenges for the Hungarian higher education institutions. In a brief overview, he presented the main activities of the University in the past period. At the end of his speech, he also extended a special welcome to our foreign students and guests in English.


"My favourite slogan, known to many of you present, is "For some, opportunity is a problem, for some, a problem is an opportunity." I encourage you to look for challenges instead of excuses. Believe me, it's a much more rewarding way to spend your time, it's what moves you forward." - said the Rector, wishing our recent graduates good luck for the future. 




The festive programme continued with a performance by the choir of the Zsigmond Móricz Primary School, conducted by Tímea Pásti.


János Süli, State Secretary, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the University of Dunaújváros, also welcomed the audience. In his speech, he encouraged the graduates to return and continue their studies, to carry the good reputation of the University of Dunaújváros, to become even better professionals, and to make sure that they have succeeded in making the university even better, even more modern, even more attractive.


New knowledge is worth its weight in gold, it is the building block of a country, and it can only make you a winner in the new world. Challenges should not scare us, because in every challenge there are new opportunities." - concluded the State Secretary. 



After the reception of the Hungarian and foreign students, the highlight of the event was the presentation of diplomas and final examination certificates. The diplomas were handed over by the rector Dr. István András and the directors of the institutes.


The presentation of diplomas was followed by the ceremony of awards.

3 students were awarded a special sports scholarship for the 2021/2022 academic year, including Bence Szlávik Mechanical Engineering. The Sports Star Scholarship was awarded to 1 student: Jonatán Dániel Hajdu, Business Informatics.


In recognition of their work, the University of Dunaújváros has awarded the "Honorary Citizen of the University of Dunaújváros" award, the "Certificate of Recognition", the "For the University of Dunaújváros" award and the "Award for Applied Science" to persons who have performed outstanding supportive activities for the efficient operation of the institution and have thus contributed to the development of higher education and research and the University.


Gabriella Hajnali received the "Citizen of Honour" award, Erzsébet Ulicza, Sándor Czifra and Balázs Péterffy received "Certificates of Recognition", János Melkovics was awarded the "For the University of Dunaújváros" award, and Dr. József Katona will also receive the "Award for Applied Science". 

Dr. István András István, Rector of the University of Budapest, and Sándor Döbröczöni, Vice President of the Student Self-Government for Public Affairs, presented a commemorative plaque in recognition of their community work in the Student Self-Government and for the students during their studies.

The students who received a commemorative card were Rebeka Banyári, Engineering student, Imre Kalocsai, Business and Management student, Péter Sojnóczki Máté, Dániel Váczi and István Virág, Television Production students.


After the presentation of the awards, Vivien Fanni Vidi, a graduate student in Business Informatics, bid farewell to her fellow students and Alma Mater on behalf of the graduates.


The celebration ended with the traditional Anthem of the ancient majors and the Hungarian Szózat.


Congratulations to our new graduates!