The focus of the Programme is to promote an innovation mindset and stimulate interest in innovation. HSUP introduces the structure and functioning of the innovation and start-up ecosystem to the young generation and offers them the opportunity to get involved.


The aim of the Hungarian Startup University Program (HSUP) is to raise the interest of Hungarian students in innovation and entrepreneurship and to increase the number of innovative businesses they start. In the second semester of 2021/22, the HSUP programme works with nearly 4,000 students across the country and has launched 189 projects with nearly 900 scholarship students. The 2 semesters of the programme build on each other, the completion of HSUP I is a prerequisite for HSUP II. 


The programme, which has been running for two years and is available at 27 universities across the country, has around 300 funded projects, of which 3 out of 3 teams were led by a student from the University of Dunaújváros (DUE) last year and this year. Ex-post analyses show that the programme is the most popular among students of mechanical engineering, computer engineering and business and management courses in terms of the distribution of subjects studied. In the last two years, a total of 123 students have taken part in the programme, with 19 students and 11 projects being selected.


Among the successes of the past two years, Scraping Robotics is the most successful project so far by the teams around the DUE project host. They are working on improvements in production technology that will replace manual peeling, with the aim of reducing downtime for maintenance and the time needed to produce new parts. They make one of the most skill-intensive phases of machine and component manufacturing and maintenance faster, of consistent quaility and accurately timed. Their team won the pre-seed investment of HUF 15 million from Hiventures (17/06/2021), achieved 1st place at the HSUP Demo Day (10/08/2021), participated/participates in trade shows, e.g. WebSummit Lisbon, CES Las Vegas, Collison Toronto.

Gergő Éva, student of DUE Mechanical Engineering BSC, project manager of Scraping Robotics and co-owner of the startup. He gave us a better insight into the current status of the project. We learned that a start-up company based on the project has been formed, and that they are already working on raising a second round of capital. Their project has become the most prominent one in Tolna and Fejér County, on top of that MOL and other large companies are already interested in their products. As in the past, the will continue to participate in the exhibitions specified in the call for proposals.


Gergő Éva, co-owner of Scraping Robotics


The official website of the company can be found at:


We congratulate them on their success and wish them continued success!


In addition, the first and "ground-breaking" online workshop was held on June 3, 2022. "AZUTÁN." (meaning: then) was the title of the workshop. All in all, the occasion was a success. It was not only attended by the public, but also by the students participating in the application programme, who shared their experiences and future goals with the audience.