In this article you can read about Youssef Ghammem in the framework of an interview made by Aya Mkanna.


The goal of the below conversation between Aya and Youssef is to let you know how eager he is and what does he do in order to make the university life of international students better.



I. Tell me about yourself...


My name is Youssef Ghammem, I am a 22-year-old student coming from Tunisia. I am currently studying Computer Science Engineering at University of Dunaújváros.

I am the international relation assistant. In addition, I am a senior mentor at the university.


II. What are the main points of the Student Union?


The main points could be framed as the following: to manage the athletic, social and cultural interest of the students and to make any other activities possible for the union. Basically, we organize events, and the student union will help if there is any sport activity as well.


III. When did you join the union?


First, I applied with my motivation letter, and I got the email of acceptance on the 12th of May 2021. Thus, I am a freshman who has enjoyed experiencing university life so far.


IV. What are your responsibilities?


Nevertheless, I am the international relation assistant, so I function as the only international student in the student union. As a volunteer I don't get any benefit of my role. My tasks can be summarized as forwarding information and application opportunities - arranged by me - to students. It goes without saying that the student union will delegate me if there is any event or similar activity. Furthermore, I manage the social media platforms of UOD by sharing posts about the mentioned events consequently let as many students know as I can.

My job is to make sure that the international students will have the best experience at the university, therefore I operate as a bond between the student union and the international students.

Also, if anything unlikely happen to international students, I convey the problem to the international office.


V. Why do you want to work for the Student Union?


Last year under quarantine, I saw a post offering this opportunity and I really felt that I could be a part of the student union since I consider myself someone who really likes to take the lead in order to help others and to make their lives a bit better. Helping my friends with the addition of gaining experience really motivated me.

I am someone who does not just want to watch what is happening I want to engage in and make a change.


VI. Why is it important to have a student union?


In my opinion the importance of a student union is the role of organizing events and social activities, because the organizers come from the same generation and have similar mentality as students. The more the gap between arrangers and students narrows, the more fun and success the event gets.

It is also significant because it makes life easier, enjoyable and more fun for students, so they can focus on their studies to a greater extent as well as experience new events and meet new people.