In recent years, Hungary has become a popular study abroad destination. Read along to find out why more and more international students are chosing Hungary for their university studies!


High Quality Education


Doing a degree abroad involves a great investment of time and money, so it's worth checking out that the institution you're thinking of applying to, or any qualification you may get, are recognised. In context of Hungary the degree provided by the universities is a worldwide accepted European degree.

The University of Dunaújváros is a university of applied sciences in Hungary, offering competitive bachelor  and master degrees on the European and global market.



International students in Hungary


Hungary has recently become a vibrant hub for international students from all continents. In fact, in the last decade the number of international students enrolling into programmes at  Hungarian universities has grown substantially – a trend that reflects the country’s commitment to receive and educate global talent.

Did you know that more than 10% of UOD students are international students coming from 38 countries?



Reasonable prices


The costs of a stay in Hungary have generally been considered low by European standards. Of course, the amount of money needed for a living also depends a lot on the student’s lifestyle.

Should you need further information about the living costs in Hungary, you can check the the list of the most common cost types / services HERE.


 Friendly people


While you're going on a study abroad adventure, most of your time is spent meeting new people and consequently spending time with them. One of the best things you can do as an foreign student in Hungary is to make Hungarian friends. Hungarian people are known for being friendly and welcoming. They might be a bit shy when it comes to speaking English, but be assured: they are very helpful when you find the common ground. 


Easy access to Europe


University is an exciting time in your life and you won’t want to miss out on the experience of studying abroad in Hungary. Like everyone else, you’ll need to get away from your studies every now and then. You will need to go out and take a break from the studying so you can refresh your mind and be able to focus on your studies.

One of the best parts about studying in Hungary is all of the options you’re given. While you study there you can easily travel to other countries like Austria or Slovakia—that is if you don’t want to visit Prague, Vienna, or Berlin.



Awesome cultural experience


Hungary is one of the oldest European countries in Central Europe. Rich history and culture, beautiful cities and landscape as well as delicious gastronomy, all contribute to the country's popularity as both a tourist and study destination.