In the higher educational sphere, according to the approved institutional development plan, by the use of the opportunities of the model change the University of Dunaújváros has just started a comprehensive information technology development, which includes not only the increase of the number of notebooks and desktop computers, but the modernisation of the server and the data storing systems, furthermore the capacity extension of the nformation technology network, too.


The extensive IT development that we experienced in the time period of the past few years showed us that besides the area of education the University must also treat the area of information technology on a strategic level, too, in order to stay competitive in the future.


The more than 4.5 billion forints’ worth development program provides a good basis for the University of Dunaújváros operating as a university of applied sciences to become an institution after the model change providing a faster adapting education to the needs of the market players, an even more up-to-date education to the youth than it does today. Further developments are planned, too, as the reconstruction of the main building of the campus is under preparation, now.

- said Dr. János Süli, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  


Photo: Izabella Laczkó / Dunaújvárosi Hírlap


Simultaneously with the announcement of the infrastructure development plans the Foundation of the University of Dunaújváros, the maintainer of the university handed over 50 laptops to the university students.


The new systems of the University of Dunaújváros are going to open up space for the improvement of the reliability of educational and administrational tasks and data security, furthermore for the establishment of the infrastructure needed to the research and development. Nevertheless they contribute to the raise of the level of education, as well, because the students and the lecturers will have the opportunity for the daily use of the most up-to-date IT tools.


Photo: Izabella Laczkó / Dunaújvárosi Hírlap