What is there to know about UOD? In the upcoming weeks and months you will have the chance to learn everything about our institution. Today we share with you the most essential information about our university.


UOD is a public university

UOD is a state-recognised public university in Hungary.


Location: Dunaújváros, Hungary

UOD is located in Dunaújváros, one of the youngest and most dynamically developing towns of Hungary. Dunaújváros, that has been mainly known as an important industrial city of the country, lies only 70 km from the capital city, Budapest.


UOD: a university of applied sciences

Universities of Applied Sciences are institutions of higher education - widely spread in Europe. These type of universities are more practice-oriented, with the goal of educating students for professional work life.

If you are more practically oriented person, you should consider obtaining your degree at a university of applied sciences.


Valuable and competitive EU degree

UOD offers competitive degrees on the European and global market. Did you know that Hungarian degrees are of internationally recognised quality? They follow the Bologna Process, which means they’ll be recognised and respected around the world.


International university

Thanks to the high-quality education, the wide range of scholarship opportunities and friendly student milieu, our university is more and more popular among international students. Our students are coming from more than 35 countries all over the world.


Continuous development in a multicultural environment

Thanks to its continuous development and practice-oriented education, the University of Dunaújváros is a perfect choice for all who wish to get professional knowledge in a modern, industrial environment in the heart of Hungary.