Have you ever dreamed of studying in Hungary? Well, let me tell you four convincing reasons why it is worth making this dream real!

  1. Hungary is located in the heart of Europe with lots of beautiful sights. In addition to having the opportunity to hear one of the most special languages in the world every day, you can also make good friendships, as every university in the country filled with international students.


  1. Europe is brimmed with many colourful cultures and seeings which are easily accessible from Hungary. Since we are in the middle of Europe, whether you want to go east or west, you can get anywhere easily and cheaply, not to mention that Hungary bordered with 7 countries, so you don't even have to take a plane each time you wish to cross the border.


  1. More than that, there are plenty of sights here in Hungary as well, so even if you don't leave the country, you won't be bored. We are a low-income country, which means that Hungary belongs to the group of affordable countries, that can be favourable for the students.


  1. We also have a well-positioned place in higher education in terms of education. The Hungarian education system is part of the Bologna system, which provides quality education for both Hungarian and foreign students at the European level. Whether you want to pursue a bachelor or master's studies in Hungary, you can be part of the unified education system of the European Union. Both online and attendance classes are well managed by universities, so knowledge transfer is guaranteed.


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