Nearly one hundred students have obtained nuclear power plant operating engineer qualification in Paks II. Academy’s educational framework so far.


In the year 2019, Paks II. Ltd. has brought their own Academia to life with the contribution of six high educational institutions – Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Pécs, University of Debrecen, University of Pannonia, University of Miskolc, and University of Dunaújváros. Experts are being educated right now in their second academic year in this programme. Some universities have begun education in Autumn last year, another have started the first semester recently.


István Mittler communicational manager of Paks II. Ltd. told us that the company responsible for creating the two fresh blocks undertook the financial support of every university taking part in it, to a certain extent. In the case of many other institutions the interest was higher, meaning that there were students willing to study while spending the costs necessary on their own. In the first academic year, the starting of nuclear power plant operating engineer course has been done by four universities in Autumn of 2019, and by two universities in Spring of 2020. Since then, this course has been closed in every one of these institutes, and after completing their studies, eighty students took the exams successfully – as István Mittler reported the results. He also added that for the next academic year an increased total of financial support will be given by Paks II. Ltd. to partaking universities and the frame number of student attendance will be increased by then as well, meaning that 135 people can obtain nuclear power plant operating engineer qualification without them paying the fees, based on the current plans.


In the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, the course mentioned above has been started by three universities. 15-15 students had started their studies in the universities of Miskolc and Debrecen, while in the University of Dunaújváros the 25 headcount quota has been exceeded and dozens have decided to learn without financial support of the state, largely due to the heightened interest in this course. University of Pécs and Pannonia had started advanced education in this course, beginning their first semester in February – the former with 25 students, and the latter with 15, all of them are enjoying the support of Paks II. Ltd.


István Mittler explained that there is a high demand for impeccably trained professionals of their own field, and the area of the nuclear industry is not an exception.


The project of Paks II. is our domestic investment of the twenty-first century. These two fresh blocks will provide us climate friendly energy for an affordable price throughout at least sixty years. A highly trained workforce is needed for their establishment and maintainance.


He specified that this reason is exactly why Paks II. Academy has been brought to life by the company, which offers course programmes of high standard for university students after completing their Bachelor’s or Master’s Dergree. – „Those who finish their studies in our advanced training course can lay out the basics of their own future in a branch of industry that will play an emphasised role in our domestic economy as well as in an international level for the next few decades” – as the communicational manager of Paks II. Ltd. pointed out.




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