The UOD Study Office is continuously monitoring student inquiries and applications submitted electronically. In order to work smoothly, quickly and efficiently, the staff of the Study Office informs the students as follows:

Should you have any questions or request towards the Study Office, please send an email to one of the addresses below.


Topics / problems related to:    finances, applications/requests, application annexes, class schedule

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Topics / problems related to:    general inquiries, issues related to student status, issuing certificates, reporting data changes

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Certificates are issued through the Neptun system, based on the data recorded in the system. In order to issue certificates, please always provide your name, Neptun-code, the major for which you are requesting the certificate. You will recieve your certificate via e-mail.


The following certificates can be issued by the Study Office:


  • Student status certificate: for a given or previous semester, to certify an active or passive student status. You must indicate the purpose of what you intend to use it e.g. for employment, scholarship applications, state or municipal benefits, to use it at a Hungarian or foreign authority, for other purposes


  • Certificate of participation in the exam during exam period. It can be requested after the, you have to indicate the code / name of the subject, the time of the exam / day / hour. The certificate can be issued only if you have taken the exam - the instructor will record it in Neptun if you did not show up.


  • Transcript of Records – a list of subjects registered and/or completed in the given or previous semester.


  • Temporary student cards are issued via the OKTIG - Education Certificates System of the Education Office. The certificate can be issued if you have applied for a student card (a guide to the application process can be found on Neptun homepage) and the application has been accepted by the FIR - Higher Education Information System) and the student card has not yet been produced.