The session meetings of the Institute Conference of the Science Week took finished yesterday, where those who showed some interest could listen to really interesting lectures about various topics in the digital space. The online limitation didn’t stop anyone either, we started the week in the name of science!

The mottoes of the Advanced Techniques of Information Technology conference were “Science for the Future” and “Sustainability and Digitization”. During these two days, 37 lectures were given in 7 sessions. There were 51 pre-registered participants, but of course the number of participants was more than that. Speakers came from several parts of the world, from America to Győr.



In the spirit of internationality, an American speaker was also introduced, with whom, as we could experience, it was very good to work together in the online space, which is a very good solution for scientific communication across countries for the future. One of the great advantages of digital conferencing was, that the different sections were able to work well together, and as this example shows, online scientific lectures can be accessed from all over the world. Of course, technical problems may occur more often in this case, which also happend here, but have been successfully solved. Looking to the future, we believe that these already solved problems can even be said to be useful, as the solution is already in our possession.

The motto of the Engineering Conference was “Science for the Future” and “Sustainability and Digitization”. In a total of 3 sections, 19 lectures were given various topics, with 3 foreign speakers.

Those interested could hear lectures on topics such as the development of electric vehicle batteries, mechanical simulation of solids, the development of automotive electric motors, but there were also topics related to environmental protection. The online conference was successful. An average of 40-50 students joined on to the work sections, and those interested outside the university were also present at the lectures. Of course, in the digital space, it was also possible to address professional questions to the speakers.

The motto of the Conference on Education was “Pedagogical Challenges in the 21st Century”. During the two days, 24 lectures in 5 sessions had been held at the Teacher Training Center, of which 15 was in Hungarian and 9 was in English. Colleagues all took part in the section, which led to a meaningful exchange of experiences.

In the Hungarian language session, the teacher candidates living in the catchment area of ​​the university gave colorful and interesting lectures on the following topics: eco-school, sustainability, talent management, colorful subject methodology. In addition to the lecturers, former students and lecturers of Teacher Training Centert also appeared among the lecturers, as well as doctoral candidates. The international section was attended by UoD's partner institutions and colleagues representing foreign research relations. One of the most popular topics was digitization in both the Hungarian and English sections.

The motto of the Social Science Conference was "The Challenges of the Social Sciences in the 21st Century". During the two days, a total of 30 lectures were given to 5 countries in 6 sessions. The main topics of the conference were situations related to economic sustainability, organizational communication and, of course, the coronavirus. The interestingness of the presentations was also proved by the fact that nearly 100 people followed them in several sessions.


Of course, in the traditional way, a scientific conference is usually a much more direct event, where during the breaks the audience and the lecturers can meet and conduct  professional discourses. In order to improve the situation, in the online space, there was an opportunity for scientific discussions this year as well, which opportunity was also used by the students, thus we can state that the conference achieved its professional goal in the online space as well.


Thank you to all the speakers and participants for participating! See you next year!