The University of Dunaújváros strives to shape education in the spirit of environmental awareness, by focusing on electromobility and carbon-free energy thus giving added value to students.

Our university of is pleased to have strategic industrial partners who also attach great importance to the issue of environmental protection and environmental awareness.

One of our main partners, the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. is the leading electric energy producer in Hungary; its four reactor blocks provide 40% of the domestic electricity production.



Whether we need nuclear energy or not is an often disputed question. Future energy supply is increasingly in the spotlight of both the national and international media. Mankind requires increasing amounts of energy and, in consequence, global hydrocarbon reserves are decreasing rapidly.

MVM Paks NPP Ltd. continues to improve its environmental protection activities in all areas. Safe operation is one of the key focus of Paks NPP’s vision – the company endeavours to improve its environmental protection activities beyond mere compliance with the environmental protection rules and regulations.

To learn more about the environmental protection measures taken by the Paks Nuclear Power Plant Ltd, please visit THIS LINK or click on the picture bellow.