The University of Dunaújváros is a young and modern technical university providing practice oriented bachelor and master programs taught in English language.


We are proud of our environment- and student-friendly campus, our laboratories furnished with top-notch equipment and our highly qualified lecturers. With a wide range of cooperations with companies, organisations and other educational institutions both on national and international level we are able to provide scholarships, special programs and travel options to our students additionally to their studies.



The University of Dunaújváros aims to provide its students with a competitive, practice-oriented education and focused skills needed for building their careers when entering the job market. As a university of applied sciences UOD greatly values up-to-date skills and applied research. With other words: we put huge emphasis on academic content with an exposure to practical problems.


Studying at a university of applied sciences is practice-based. You develop skill sets that you will also use in your future work environment. You don’t just learn the skills you need, you get to use them in practice all through your time at UOD. Studying at a university of applied sciences will prepare you for a professional role in your field.


By increasing international competitiveness, developing practice-oriented training, strengthening traditionally good relations with businesses, UOD wishes to achieve an experience-based learning environment that meets the challenges of the 21st century.