The choice of degree program and the university are much more important now if students want a decent graduate job.

Choose a degree programme that will develop your employability skills as well as giving you solid knowledge in your field. And choose a university that has a good reputation with employers. The right choice of degree and university greatly improves your job chances.




While it is impossible to devise only one indicator to describe the value of a university, a good place to begin would be to check how successful the graduates cope on the labour market. We experience a high level of satisfaction among employers concerning students having graduated from UOD.


According to the lastest statistics of the national Central system for tracking graduates’ careers (published in August 2019), the average gross income of UOD graduates is


  • the highestin the field of teacher training,
  • the second bestin the field of communication and media sciences,
  • and it is among the top 5 in the field of engineering.


Apart from the studies and researches, acquiring a degree is extremely beneficial for individuals who want to have a defined and high-paying career path ahead of them. A degree not only prepares the individuals for the path ahead but also equips them with the additional skills or knowledge that could make them open-minded and ready to undertake any challenges.


All in all, a degree can increase job opportunities and it can prepare individuals to face the highly-competitive job industry with more confidence!