On 17th June 2020, the university and MÁV-HÉV Ltd. (a subsidiary of Hungarian State Railways) signed a research framework contract for a period of 5 years.


The purpose of the agreement is for the two organizations cooperation in a joint project on processes for the material testing, optimization of railway vehicles and infrastructure elements, including the development of services related to the public transport system.



The University of Dunaújváros contributes to the success of the cooperation with its theoretical and scientific competencies, while MÁV-HÉV Ltd. offers its many years of professional experience.

The research activity is based on the analysis of proposals and solutions for the renovation of the technical and mechanical systems of the railway vehicles and railway infrastructure operated by MÁV-HÉV Ltd. The University of Dunaújváros will also be responsible for the random material testing of the various machine parts and the material testing of the tracks’ structural elements.

At the signing ceremony, the University of Dunaújváros was represented by Dr. István András Rector, Ádám Sándor Kiss Chancellor, Dr. Miklós Horváth Technical Institute Institute Director, Gábor Füredi President and CEO of ECOTECH Nonprofit Ltd. n behalf of MÁV-HÉV Ltd. Péter Keresztes CEO, Katalin Kazai Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Enikő Babics Chief of Staff, and Ágota Szabó Deputy Chief Financial Officer, appeared on the ceremony.

Following the signing of the cooperation agreement, as the closing of the program the buildings and laboratories of the University of Dunaújváros had been showcased.