Our Mechanical Engineering MSc program is designed to provide you with the latest technological knowledge and industrial management skills, at an advanced level of study, in specific aspects of mechanical engineering that are in demand from industry.

The course also provides you with a strategic overview of engineering and management skills necessary to take on leadership roles in major engineering projects.


   Basic data  


Level:                Graduate

Type:                 Master of Science

Duration:           4 semesters

Qualification:     Mechanical Engineer

Specialization:   Lifetime Management



The education is aimed at training engineers capable of elaborating the concept of machines, mechanical equipments and processes, modelling them, planning, operating and maintaining them; developing machine industry technologies, new materials, production technologies and using them in view of environmental aspects; performing leading, management and organization tasks, performing the tasks of technical development, research, planning and innovation, as well as continuing engineering studies even within the scope of doctor’s education.


   Content and structure  

During their studies students are required to take up to 120 credits, each semester totaling 30 credits. In the final semester students are required to accomplish their final degree projects and write their thesis.


   Keywords / Subject areas  

Up-to date Material- and Production Technologies, Mechanics, Physics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, Product Management and Value Evaluation, Management Knowledge, Damage to Engineering Materials, Reliability Theory and Structural Integrity Analysis, Measuring Technology and Signal Processing, Computer- Modelling and Simulation, Lifetime Management, Maintenance Strategies, Mounting and Repair Technologies, Machine Condition Monitoring Methods, Weldability


   Career opportunities  

Nowadays there is an increasing demand on the labour market for mechanical engineers. The industrial areas of machine production, chemical production and the energy sector requires skillful mechanical engineers to do the work tasks of factories and design offices in relation to technical design, maintenance and quality insurance.