This BSc program offers a broad-based approach to engineering and management, provides the students with an educational profile that combines in-depth technical competence with a solid knowledge in business administration and management.

Students learn how products are engineered, manufactured and marketed; how new technology is implemented and applied; and how businesses and their human factors are managed or even financially controlled. Business and management topics make extensive use of case studies and project work; and a wide range of assessment methods is employed.


   Basic Data   


Level:                    Undergraduate

Type:                     Bachelor of Science

Duration:               7 semesters

Qualification:        Technical Manager

Faculty:                 Institute of Social Sciences



   Content and Structure   

During their studies students are required to take up to 210 credits, each semester totaling 30 credits. In the final semester students are required to accomplish their final degree projects and write their thesis.



  • Logistics


   Keywords / Subject areas   

Economics, Mechanics, Engineering Physics, Entrepreneurship, Machine Structures, Chemistry and Materials Science, Business Communication, Business Economics, Ergonomics, Management, Technology of Structural Materials, Production Technology, Logistics, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Project Management, Statistics, Strategic Planning, Human Resource management, Packaging Technology, Enterprise Information Systems, Logistic Management, Warehousing and Material Handling, Product Management and Value Analysis


   Career opportunities   

Meeting the challenges of global competition creates increased demand for graduates, who can provide an interface between technical and business personnel. Graduates with a technical background, the analytical skills of an engineer, plus knowledge of business and management have numerous career opportunities.


Further information on the study program is in the official description.

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