As from 4 May 2020 the Government of Hungary lifted the curfew in the territory of the country – with the exemption of the Capital and its surrounding region (Pest county).

As Dunaújváros is situated outside of the territory where the curfew shall remain in order, we will hereby give you an overview of the new rules by translating the main points of the relevant Government Decree nr. 168/2020 (IV.30.)


General protection measures

Social distancing remains obligatory: Everyone with the exception of those living in a common household shall keep their social contact with other persons to a minimum, and shall keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from the other person (protective distance).

Covering your face is obligatory in the shops or on public transportation: Everyone is obliged to cover their mouth and nose (with a medical mask, a scarf or a shawl) when being in the shops or using public transportation means.

Public areas and parks may also be visited – but keeping the protective distance is obligatory.


Time limitations for shopping:

Time slot for elderly people remains in force: Only people above 65 may visit grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies between 9.00 and 12.00.


Special regulations for markets:

The local governments may apply different rules in connection with local markets, their opening hours and exclusive time period for elderly people over 65.

Will will notify our students as soon as the local government in Dunaújváros might introduce such special regulations.


Security measures for shops, restaurants, spas and other institutions

All kind of shops may be open and visited by customers.

It is permitted to stay and eat the ordered food or drink in the open air rooms or terraces of catering facilities, such as restaurants, cafés, confectioneries, buffets, espresso bars, etc.

It is still prohibited to stay inside the catering facilities, except for those employed there. An exception is the delivery and transport of takeaway food.

Beaches and outdoor baths are allowed to be open and visited.

Open-air museums and zoos are allowed to be open and visited.


We would like to raise the attention of our students living in Budapest or in Pest County that on those territories the curfew still applies.

Please note as well that the state of emergency is still in place -  despite the fact that some of the tightest restrictions have been lifted.