The University of Dunaújváros and the Kerpely Antal Hostel consider very important to support the students' in order to make their studies sustainable and successful, even in the current emergency situation.

After assessing the student problems and difficulties caused by the transition to digital education, the management of the Hostel sought a solution to the problem that several Hungarian and foreign students did not have an IT tool that could be useable for distance learning.

In mid-April, János Melkovics, director of the Hostel and chairman of the board of Antal Kerpely Hostel Development and Education Foundation, contacted several Hungarian companies to find out if they could help our students to complete their studies successfully by supporting them with IT tools no longer used by the company. MVM Zrt. was the first who indicated its intention to help and contribute within two days after sending the letter. The company provided the foundation with 10 laptops that were no longer used at the company but were working.

The staff of the Hostel, on the one hand, assessed which students were most in need of help, and on the other hand suggested the expansion of the workstations, following the prescribed rules.

The IT Service Center of the University (ISZK) took stock of the transferred devices and integrated them into the instiutional system. On the 30th April, in addition to the workstations created, the equipment provided for personal use was handed over.



The managers and employees of UOD, the Hostel and its foundation are extremely grateful to the management and all colleagues of MVM Zrt. Their quick and helpful attitude, justified that Hungary's development, the quality of education and the attention paid to those in need are important to them.