Extraordinary information on coronavirus measures


Official signed version of the announcement

In view of the government-ordered emergency response to the coronavirus that was issued on March 11, 2020, based on the action plan sent by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the University of Dunaújváros will today enforce the following measures, with maximum consideration for its students and staff:


  1. A Rector's education break is scheduled for the period between 12th and 14th March 2020.
  2. The spring break will take place during next week, between 16th and 20th March 2020. Students shall not leave the country until revocation.
  3. Based on the points 1.) and 2.) students are not allowed to visit buildings and facilities of our institution from today until the measure is revoked.
  4. From today until the withdrawal of the measure, personal study administration and other customer acceptance services are suspended, and electronic procedures will be introduced.
  5. Students, colleagues and partners will be informed through our external and internal communication channels.
  6. From the 23rd March 2020 until further notice - taking into consideration the specifics of our institution -, distance education is going to be introduced at the university.
  7. During the Rector's break, spring break, and during the distance education period, the work of our university teachers, researchers, teachers, staff, as well as project work, external professional and other assignment activities are continuous.
  8. Hungarian students are required to leave their dormitory residence at 13th March 2020 at latest. If and where a Hungarian student has nowhere to go, based on the Rector’s consideration of equity, the student may remain in the hostel (subject to the preliminary opinion of the Student Welfare Committee).
  9. International students may continue to stay in dormitories.
  10. Receiving guest in the dormitory rooms is not allowed for our students.
  11. With reference to the Emergency Procedure all events are suspended or postponed at the University of Dunaújváros.


The management and operational committee of the University of Dunaújváros continuously monitor the work and briefings of the Government’s Operational Staff.

With the appropriate specialist background, our institution will continue to take all necessary hygiene and other precautions to reduce and avoid the risks of the virus.

The above provisions take effect from 12th March 2020 until their withdrawal. We appreciate your assistance in complying with the measures!

Dunaújváros, 12/03/2020


                  Dr. habil István András                                Szilvia Némethné Nagy Gellai
                                 Rector                                                       Deputy Chancellor