The 4th East-West Cohesion Conference took place at the University of Dunaújváros this week.


The annual Week of Science Programmes of November started with the fourth edition of our international conference, where in two days more than 30 lectures from 4 different main scientific fields (Education, Engineering, Environmental Protection, Globalization and Management) have been presented. At the same time visitors had the opportunity to check out vivid and interactive experiments, learn more about the actual researches on the Professional Day of Carbon Free Energy. Beside the Hungarian Prime Minister's Office, the MVM Paks Nuclear Power Plant Co., the Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Co. and the Rosatom Central Europe contributed to the organization of the events.

We were proud that like in the previous weeks we could welcome international guests as well; visitors from Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey joined the sessions and shared their experiences. Altogether more than 100 people attended to the conference.

Certificates have been handed out to the following international guests of ours:

  • Yakup Gül, director of the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Institute,
  • Dr. Aleksandr Zhilin, associate professor of the Ural Federal University
  • Dr. Florin Nechita, vice dean of the Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Recai Aydin, professor of the University of Ankara
  • Piotr Jozwiak PhD, deputy Mayor of the town of Leszno
  • Dr. Janusz Pola, vice-rector for Investment and Development at Jan Amos Komenski State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno
  • Mikolaj Zgainski, head of the International Office at Jan Amos Komenski State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno and Honorary Associate Professor of the University of Dunaújváros
  • Halina Pacha-Golebiowska PhD, director of Polytechnic Institute at Jan Amos Komenski State School of Higher Vocational Education in Leszno
  • Dr. Marian Josko, associate professor of Poznan University of Technology          



The programmes continued with 9th Pasta Bridge building competition of the University, where 12 different teams of two or three tried to come up with the best engineering solutions. The rules fully compound with the ones on the World Championship.

Like in each year the domestic round of Student’s Scientific Association Conference (TDK) took place during the week. Beside the Hungarian students, our international community actively participated on the event. We could learn more for example about subcultures, the effect of religion on the business sector, but now we also understand more about the perspectives of computer security and the quality measurement of printed circuit boards.

The Week of Science programmes finished with another conference about digitalisation where students of our university and high school students of Bánki Donát secondary school took part.