Lots of vivid and interesting programmes await you within this year's Researchers' Night at the campus of the University of Dunaújváros.


On the evening of 27th September 2019, starting from 18.00 all the students and people interested are welcome to take part on the spectacular scientific exhibitions organized by lecturets of the institution. The aim if the free event aims to give a brief insight into today's researches and innovations.

Exhibitions will be available in the Buildings: F, P, C1, C2, G, M and I.



Official website (in Hungarian): https://www.kutatokejszakaja.hu/  


Programmes and locations:


Institute of Engineering (programmes available between 18.00 and 23.00)

  • Pneumatics lab presentation: (GL-02) by Dr. Péter Bajor
  • Introducing interesting mechanical, voltage-optic phenomena (‘P’ building - corridor) by Gábor Ladányi, Tamás Zahola
  • Welding Robot and Welding Simulator Tutorial (M2 Building Welding Center) by Tibor Pogonyi
  • MAID-lab presentation, (M-134) by Béla Páger, Kristóf Szikszai
  • Physical simulation with Gleeble equipment (M-38) by Dr. Péter Bereczki
  • Let's Casting together! - Casting of DUE coin (M39) by Dóra Pergel, Zoltán Hájas
  • Micro-parts of the Macro-World (M130) by Dr. Judit Pázmán
  • Edible Material Science - Making Sugar Roses and Other Figures (M-130) by Dr. Judit Pázmán
  • Let's defeat gravity! Spectacular Physics Experiments (P-001) by dr. Miklós Horváth
  • Electrostatic dust transport (C-111) by Dr. Kiss Endre
  • Electrostatic separation (C-111) by Dr. Kiss Endre
  • Treatment of metal and plastic surfaces with quiet electric discharges (C-111) by Dr. Kiss Endre
  • Micro Circuit Design (C-111) by Dr. Kiss Endre
  • The Light of Our Eyes (C-111) by Dr. Kiss Endre
  • Color spectacular chemical reactions (C-127) by Dr. Imre Kovács
  • Silver Mirror Trial, Iodine Trial and Rainbow Laying (C-120) by Petrovickijné Dr. Ildikó Angerer
  • The computer is small but clever (P-010) by Dr. Attila Kővári.
  • Balloon Magic (C-126) by Éva Kovács-Bokor
  • Underwater Fireworks (C-126) by Éva Kovács-Bokor, Ildikó Szabóné Juhász
  • Volcanic eruption (C-126) by Ildikó Szabóné Juhász
  • Rainbow in the test tube (C-126) by Éva Kovács-Bokor, Ildikó Szabóné Juhász
  • Lava lamp easily (C-126) byÉva Kovács-Bokor, Ildikó Szabóné Juhász


Institute of Social Sciences (programmes available between 18.00 and 23.00)

  • Show me what you know! - quizzes on television (TV studio) Tamás Szpisák, Zoltán Végh
    LEGOSTICS (corridor G of the building) by Csilla Fejes, Dr. Péter Bajor


Institute of Informatics (programmes available between 18.00 and 23.00)

  • Skill tasks with LEGO robots.
  • Introduction of electronic study materials lab (3D printer, VR glasses, etc.)


Teacher Training Center (programmes available between 18.00 and 23.00)

  • "Turn on mobiles! - Applications for more fun lessons" by Dr. Gábor Budai and Edit Csikósné Maczó Edit


See you at the campus!